Undergraduate Internship Guide


C in FDM 3221

Junior or Senior Standing

  1. Register for FDM 3221 during Fall term before Summer term of the coming year when you plan to do your internship.
  2. Read, complete, and sign the Intent to Intern Form in the fall of each year you plan to do an internship by October 30. Submission of the form does not preclude a change in plans later.

Keep your Program Coordinator informed as you plan for your internship.

  1. Let your advisor know if you change or add locations that you are exploring. Your advisor may hear of opportunities but cannot share them with you if your plans are not known.
  2. Let your advisor know if you decide to do your internship in a different term.

The goal of your internship is:

  1. Enhance your personal skills:
    1. During your internship you should be enable to gain an understanding of the role of a professional, including the professional's responsibilities, and ethical code of conduct.
    2. You should expect to enhance professional growth and development by applying knowledge and skills developed in your academic program and acquiring skills in retail management, merchandising, design, apparel product development, and/or other industry related areas (specific to your option).
  2. Increase preparation for your career
    1. You should expect to be given an opportunity to acquire skills in retail management and merchandising, design and apparel product development, and industry related support areas.
    2. You should gain an understanding of the satisfactions and challenges of a career in the retail, design and product development, or related support industry.
    3. Your internship should enable you to become familiar with the overall structure, functions and operation in the retail, design and product development, or related support industry.

Due before you start your internship:

  1. You must complete the Internship Contract.
  2. Submit your internship contract on canvas after your register for FDM 4763 Internship.