Retail Certificate

Retail Certificate

Currently the retail industry is the #1 employer of individuals in the state of Mississippi and ranks third in total GDP output for the state following only manufacturing and real estate. There are over 35,000 retail establishments in the state and the growth projection for the next few years is 7-10%. Retail in Mississippi contributes $17.8 billion to the state's economy. However, there are no retail specific certifications or certificates available on our campus.

The Retail Certificate program provides aspiring or current professionals an opportunity to learn new skills and develop leadership/management training which will result in higher paying jobs and opportunities. Additionally, certificate recipients of the program will be able to build a competitive edge against graduates from programs in the other states with the similar certificate programs.

The Retail Certificate offered by the Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) program will complement existing B.S. degree tracks by adding an opportunity for students from any program to complete a formal and coherent grouping of courses with a retail focus. The goal of the Retail Certificate is to introduce current students to the dynamics of the retail industry and provide them some tools and training to be successful in a rapidly growing industry. Recipients of the certificate will be equipped with professional knowledge and technical skills to manage real world daily operations of a retail business and be ready for successful careers in the ever growing and changing retail industry. Students will need to complete 6 undergraduate courses for a total of 18 credit hours to receive a Retail Certificate. The courses are offered online during the summer and face-to-face and online throughout the regular academic year (fall or spring).

Required Courses

  • FDM 2333 Intro to Retail Buying and Management
  • FDM 2553 Intro to Merchandising
  • FDM 3553 Merchandise Retail Pricing and Inventory Management
  • FDM 4693 Digital Merchandising
  • Select two electives approved by the Retail Certificate coordinator in your area of specialization, i.e. Ag Leadership, Food Science, Meat Science. 3000 level or higher.

Retail Certificate Application

To apply for the Retail Certificate contact Juyoung Lee | 662.325.7696

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Juyoung Lee | 662.325.7696