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FashionPrep15: Metamorphosis provides an exciting pre-college summer program for teens interested in the fashion industry through fun, hands-on experiences, workshops, and projects. This intensive and innovative program is for high school teens (ages 14-17), who are interested in the fashion industry or enjoy learning new skills. FashionPrep not only provides a college-like experience for teens, but also shows how to turn an interests or passion in fashion into a successful brand and career. Students, educators, and industry professionals will provide an inside view to the many facets of the industry, with hands-on learning experiences and projects to build your portfolio.

Last summer of 2014, FashionPrep was introduced with FashionPrep14: Exploration. This summer it is coming back, but instead of exploring we are morphing with FashionPrep15: Metamorphosis!

Participants will experience full days of classes teaching teens relevant skills for the fashion industry. This program provides an overview of various areas within the industry, highlighting the many career options currently available in fashion. While engaging in these courses/workshops, students will learn clothing construction techniques, draping, illustration, knitting, dyeing, visual merchandising, computer-aided design, and retail management and leadership. Each student's work will be presented in the Summer Showcase, where parents, friends, and family can attend and view the student's work. Additional activities include:

  • Making dresses for African orphans through the Little Dresses for Africa campaign
  • Field Trips
  • Social Activities

Application: Enrollment is limited to 30 participants; so please register as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the upcoming FashionPrep15: Metamorphosis.

Payment for FashionPrep15: Metamorphosis is $550.00. This includes the $100.00 (non-refundable) application fee, which must be included with each application. Upon acceptance, the remaining balance ($450.00) is due by May 15, 2015. Make all checks and money orders payable to: School of Human Sciences. In the unforeseen event of a cancellation, you may receive a refund of the balance ($450.00) if notification is received prior to May 15, 2015, or $225.00 is notification is received between May 15-May 22, 2015. No refunds will be given after May 22, 2015.

Tuition: Costs associated with the workshop and covered through the tuition include: room and board (including meals), opening and closing reception meals for participants and parents, instruction by faculty and counselors, course and workshop supplies, field trips, university-related fees, and a t-shirt.

Room and Board: Participants will stay on campus in MSU residence hall dorm rooms. Counselors and trained MSU residence hall staff will supervise the students while in the dorms and throughout the week. Meals will be provided via dining services throughout the week using a temporary dining card issued on the first day of registration. Opening and closing reception meals will be catered through the School of Human Sciences. Roommate requests will be accepted during the application process and up to May 22, 2015. No roommate requests will be made after that date. All participants must adhere to Residence Hall policies and procedures.

Program of Events
  • Friday, June 12
    • Afternoon: Registration and check-in
    • Evening: Dinner and Welcome Reception
  • Saturday, June 13
    • Morning: Fashion Illustration 1
    • Afternoon: FashionPrep15: Metamorphosis T-shirt design challenge
    • Evening: Dinner Night
  • Sunday, June 14
    • Morning: Clothing Construction
    • Afternoon: Fashion Illustration 2
    • Evening: Fashion Film
  • Monday, June 15
    • Morning: Visual Design
    • Afternoon: Little Dresses for Africa Project
    • Evening: Evening at the Sanderson
  • Tuesday, June 16
    • Morning: Clothing Construction 2
    • Afternoon: Historic Costume
    • Evening: Skate Night
  • Wednesday, June 17
    • Morning: Field Trip: Visual Merchandising
    • Afternoon: Guest Speaker
    • Evening: Barbecue Outing
  • Thursday, June 18
    • Morning: Fashion Styling
    • Afternoon: Computer-Aided Design
    • Evening: Movie Night
  • Friday, June 19
    • Morning: Breakfast and Pack up
    • Afternoon: Dinner Reception and Summer Showcase